Bespoke cabinets, desks, tables, chest of drawers, vanity units Hand crafted bespoke table, desks, chests of drawers

Variety of home office, bedroom, bathroom and living room furniture designed and made by MJSofLondon. . Different design styles and techniques of execution where used to complete these bespoke tables, desks cabinets, chests of drawers, bedside tables, vanity units

Three legged coffee table. The table top is made with Avodire, Sapele and black dyed Poplar veneer. Hand polished with shellac to the high gloss finish. he worktop diameter is 27in (70cm) and the height is 17in (45cm)

Oak writing desk. The worktop is inlaid with aluminum strips it is 6ft (185 cm) wide and 2ft 31/2 in (70cm) deep.Scanner-printer is fitted in left hand side drawer. Middle drawer is 19 1/2in (48cm) by 14 1/2in (37cm) and 2in (5cm) deep. Two drawers on left hand side are 12 1/2in (32cm) by 15 in (38cm), 4in (10cm) deep and 16 1/2 in (42cm) by 15 in (38cm), 3 1/2 in (9cm) deep. Drawers are fitted to push-to-open runners.




Some people say it reminds them some sort of alien, some say it looks like soldier standing at attention. We think it's just cute. Despite of unusual shape of its legs, it is very stable. It is 27 ½ in (70cm) high, top is 17 ¾ in (45cm) by 15 ½ in (39cm) and the draw is 13 ½ in (35cm) by 11in (28cm) and 6in (15cm) deep.



Oak 5 drawer chest with 5 incorporated shelves . Overall size : W 4' 2in (127cm), L23in (59cm)



Zebrano and walnut magazine table. Elegance and design originality of this magazine table are undeniable . The top is made out of solid piece of zebrano . The rest is black walnut . Even being not really big and looking sleek it is still quite heavy . Some hand carving has been performed on black walnut to deliver shapes and lines required for the design . The top is French polished by hand to high gloss finish. The rest is finished with shellac to high gloss finish

W 22in (57cm) , L 34in (86 cm) , H 16 ½ in (42cm).



This sturdy looking coffee table is one of the first items to come out of MJS workshop . The shapes and lines on this table are referring to traditional Baltic crafts style . The originality of the design and engineering is undisputable . All made out of solid yellow pine and walnut . It is rather heavy. High gloss finish with hand applied button French polish .W2

5in (64cm), L25in (64cm), H 171/2in (45cm)



Oak vanity unit . Overall size : W 3' (91cm), L16in (41cm), H3' (91cm).



Future project.

This is 1:5 scale model of the writing desk



Future project.

This is 1:5 scale model of the corner stand table.



Future project.

This is 1:5 scale model of the bedside table



 Future project.

This is 1:5 scale model of the bedside table with glass top.